Cookie Name Cookie Description Set when logged in Set when browsing as a guest
sid The ID of your current session.
mybbuser Your user ID and login key, used to keep you logged in.
mybb[lastvisit] Your last visit to the forum.
mybb[lastactive] When your were last active on the forum.
mybb[threadread] The threads you have seen and read.
mybb[forumread] Forums you have marked as read.
mybb[readallforums] If all forums were marked as read.
mybb[announcements] Announcements you have read.
mybb[referrer] Referrer ID of the user who referred you to sign in (unused at the moment).
forumpass Password used in password protected forums.
language The language of the site.
pollvotes Tracking of poll votes.
mybbratethread Threads you have already voted.
multiquote Posts you have decided to multiquote
loginattempts Unsuccessful attempts when signing in.
failedlogin Unsuccessful sign in to the site.
fcollapse Help documents you have collapased.
mybbtheme The theme of the site (unused at the moment).
collapsed Which forum categories you have collapsed so the site remembers them.
coppauser Whether or not you are a COPPA user.
coppadob Date of Birth for COPPA users
allow_cookies Whether or not you have enabled cookies. Note: this cookie is set regardless of your choice, and is to prevent you being asked again on every visit.
theme_color The theme color you choose for the site.
mods_displaymode The way mods are displayed. Either grid, list, or list no thumbnails.