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  • [Warning] flags are not always correct due to some level and skill bugs that are in the game.
  • [Family Sharing] tag means that the game is not owned by the player.
  • Currently the player-level occasionally is not correct. Overkill is looking into it.

Most Wanted Criminals

Crime.Net Alias Bounty
Komm und Rette mich $84000
Bur75rus $59300
Digi $52000
????????? Sailon $39300
herald[322] $32000
Anarchist $31500
? $30900
Just Mouth $30200
Ezekiel Abaddon $29800
Daftendirekt $29800
Crime.Net Alias Bounty
Dragneel $29700
????? $28700
?????? $26600
Death_Gun $26400
oust1n $26300
Sleepy $25900
Devil $25600
Goodder $25500
dagnasty _ $25400
???? ? ? $23700


  • Tatsuto for making this site.
  • Ircza for cutting the skill images.
  • I am not a spy... for help with images and filling in the Skill texts.
  • Rhyzlak for help with mask variable research and escape screenshots.
  • TetisTiger for some level screenshots.
  • ClikeX for helping out with some code.
  • Overkill for the data that is used.
  • Steam for hosting the data sheets.
  • Nepgearsy & Luffy for fixing stuff
  • Tatsuto for the English Translation
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