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NSFW mod Unlisted - Alcat101 - 10-03-2018


Until further notice, all NSFW mods are now unlisted, and posting them are not allowed for a "public" view. You can still post them but they have to be "Unlisted" for now. Once things are cleaned up, we'll allow them again.

Unlisted means only people with direct link to the modpage URL can see them.
It wont show up publicaly on the mod slider on the mainpage.

This will most likely stay until our revamp to the site design, called "MWS 2.0" is ready to be used publicaly
Which will solve a lot of issue on our current site design
Including NSFW mod visibility.

RE: NSFW mod Unlisted - Toreador - 10-09-2018

Whomst the f u c k came up with that idea?

RE: NSFW mod Unlisted - cate - 11-16-2018

Can we get a date on when NSFW content will be back?
Also man has a very good point (assuming the spacing between the third word was to emphasise the meaning / joke, rather than bypass the filter)

RE: NSFW mod Unlisted - Alcat101 - 11-16-2018

No exact date
But it will be whenever MWS 2 is ready to be shipped.

The reason we must choose this policy is because of ad revenue and regarding ads pulling out because some 'unsafe' content detected on our site.

This wont be a problem if we are not dependant at ads to keep the site running.

RE: NSFW mod Unlisted - cate - 03-22-2019

Re-enabled ads for this site. Glad you still have them!
Also, where can we get news for MWS 2.0? I'm really interested in it.

*Note, according to the 'Disconenct' addon, there are hundreds of add requests*

RE: NSFW mod Unlisted - Alcat101 - 03-22-2019

You can join ModWorkshop discord and ask directly the ppl that are developing MWS 2.0

RE: NSFW mod Unlisted - Cobalt Lightning - 12-10-2020

It's been near 2 years, and since then we've gained a NSFW tag.

Would it be so hard to work with what you got and have the NSFW mods require that, as well as some sort of optional age verification to view that tag in general?

RE: NSFW mod Unlisted - Alcat101 - 07-09-2021

Our current site now have feature to designate if a mod have NSFW element or not
So only user that opt-in to see NSFW content can see those kind of mod
It'll not be unlisted forever now.

RE: NSFW mod Unlisted - Madman950 - 01-21-2022

So that was a ******* lie.

RE: NSFW mod Unlisted - Alcat101 - 01-22-2022

Situation changes.
We decide the hassle of having and managing NSFW mod is not something our site can handle for now.