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custom heist
i need some help 

i have extrcat all of the features with the beardlib editor after i have made some modification of "First World BAnk" \ OVERDRILL

I want to allow this map with 1 / 2 /3 / 4 players

and many extra features of overdrill open but more hard to access 

so i have this file 
( world.world / continents.continents / cover_data.cover_data / mission.mission / nav_manager_data.nav_data )

and this folder ( collision / editor_only / env / lights_rob / shadow_caster / world )

i think i need one main.xml or lua to launch my map but after loading it my games crash

i have applicate some execute startup 2 or 3 just some open door and dont hide it 

Why and how i made it run correctly ?

i have madse it too with the new format of outofframe.

i remade the code acces of files and features 

but after in my games the mod is active but its similar , i can't see it in contracts or contacts.

example of files  "main.xml"

<table name="FUFUDRILL">
    <narrative id="highrise" name_id="heist_highrise" brief_id="restoration_brief_data_highrise_briefing" contact="shatter" briefing_event="Play_bot_watchdogs_new_stage2_01">
            <table level_id="highrise_stage1" type_id="heist_type_assault" type="d">
            <value_node value="Play_bot_watchdogs_new_stage2_02"/>
            <value_node value="cn_branchbank1",/>
   <value_node value="cn_branchbank2",/>
   <value_node value="cn_branchbank3",/>
            <value_node value="530000"/>
            <value_node value="708750"/>
            <value_node value="1268750"/>
            <value_node value="2437500"/>
            <value_node value="3000000"/>
            <value_node value="171000"/>
            <value_node value="332000"/>
            <value_node value="855000"/>
            <value_node value="1760000"/>
            <value_node value="2140000"/>
            <value_node value="1.2"/>
            <value_node value="1.2"/>
            <value_node value="1.2"/>
            <value_node value="1.5"/>
            <value_node value="2.5"/>
            <value_node value="87500"/>
            <value_node value="87500"/>
            <value_node value="87500"/>
            <value_node value="87500"/>
            <value_node value="87500"/>
            <value_node value="127000"/>
            <value_node value="127000"/>
            <value_node value="127000"/>
            <value_node value="127000"/>
            <value_node value="127000"/>

    <level id="highrise_stage1" name_id="heist_highrise_stage1" 
    brief_id="restoration_brief_data_highrise_briefing" max_bags="122" 
ai_group_type="america" briefing_dialog="Play_pln_fwb_brf_01" 
outro_event="Play_pln_fwb_34","Play_pln_fwb_65" ghost_bonus="0.1">
   <include directory="world">
            <file type="generic_xml" file="nav_manager_data.nav_data"/>
            <file type="generic_xml" file="world.world"/>
            <file type="custom_xml" file="world_sounds.world_sounds"/>
            <file type="custom_xml" file="mission.mission"/>
            <file type="custom_xml" file="cover_data.cover_data"/>
            <file type="custom_xml" file="continents.continents"/>

<file type="custom_xml" file="collision/collision.continent"/>
            <file type="generic_xml" file="collision/collision.mission"/>

            <file type="custom_xml" file="editor_only/editor_only.continent"/>
            <file type="generic_xml" file="editor_only/editor_only.mission"/>

            <file type="custom_xml" file="env/env.continent"/>
            <file type="generic_xml" file="env/env.mission"/>

            <file type="custom_xml" file="lights_rob/lights_rob.continent"/>
            <file type="generic_xml" file="lights_rob/lights_rob.mission"/>

            <file type="custom_xml" file="shadow_caster/shadow_caster.continent"/>
            <file type="generic_xml" file="shadow_caster/shadow_caster.mission"/>

            <file type="custom_xml" file="world/world.continent"/>
            <file type="generic_xml" file="world/world.mission"/>
            <hook file="Hooks/elementcounter.lua" source_file="core/lib/managers/mission/coreelementcounter"/>
            <hook file="Hooks/elementdialogue.lua" source_file="lib/managers/mission/elementdialogue"/>
            <hook file="Hooks/elementobjective.lua" source_file="lib/managers/mission/elementobjective"/>
<hook file="Hooks/Elementmodifyplayer.lua" source_file="lib/managers/mission/elementmodifyplayer"/>
            <value_node value="packages/narr_red2"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/editor_only/editor_only"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/editor_only/editor_only_init"/>
<value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/lights_rob/lights_rob"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/lights_rob/lights_rob_init"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/pc_only/pc_only"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/pc_only/pc_only_init"/>
<value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/backdrop/backdrop"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/backdrop/backdrop_init"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/world/world"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/world/world_init"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/world"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/world_init"/>
            <value_node value="levels/narratives/classics/red2/world_sounds"/>
<asset name="ammo_bag"/>
<asset name="health_bag"/>
<asset name="grenade_crate"/>
<asset name="bodybags_bag"/>

i try just to launch red2(firstworldbank) whitout hidable door of overdill vault

i have too, change name highrise by name of my new contracts and desactivate hooks data or scriptdata and modify localization files ...

so i never have my map inside the game 

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.rar   main.rar (Size: 1.16 KB / Downloads: 2)
I too need help with this,

I don't understand why it crashes, and would appreciate if it was auto-generated on saving in the editor itself. The example in on the wiki is really basic and shows loading files some other maps don't and doesn't show loading files that other maps do, so I thought maybe that's why it crashes? Not loading the right files?

Would appreciate a breakdown.

See 'Modules of interest' for further details/breakdown of the individual parts
(08-04-2016, 02:26 AM)Simon / GBBB Wrote: https://github.com/GreatBigBushyBeard/PA...pFramework

See 'Modules of interest' for further details/breakdown of the individual parts

Ah, I see it's been updated.

I remember going to look before and the module pages were blank.

Thanks for this.

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