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[DONE] Negev standalone weapons
Can someone make it  ;-;   pls  i want her so bad

If I write something wrong, I must apologize. I am not good at English

Images Source https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post...id=3635912

[Image: aded0e26df4a701910e691aa5b25023d.jpg]
If CSGO features correct-ish animation for Negev, we don't have any animation existing in the game that could replicate it.

It would look very stupid for a Negev to have M249 reload anim
The other potential option would be KSP 58 anims, depending upon the location of the charging handle, those might be more bearable. Naturally there aren't any animations in PD2 that work on such a short top cover, but it looks like the KSP 58 animations would mitigate some of that awkardness. Just a thought in the dark.
It seems I have mistaken how Negev top cover opens up.. I thought it would open to a side rather than top cover..

Certainly short top cover would be glaring issue, but other than that, the other anim would fit nicely.
Using KSP 58 as base might be better than M249 even tho, it have similar anim..
Charging handle is also in the right place, for both KSP 58 and M249

Using Survarium Negev version, FORT 401, the Ukranian licensed version of Negev, might be better than using CSGO model.
Survarium model is really nice, without that, we would get the not so high-poly CSGO model


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