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Site's Backend Problem SOLVED
Even though we have fully switched to a more reliable hoster, migrating to a new environment and bringing the site's internal working to work in it isn't as easy as it sounds.
Coupled that with some file system update we already brought -multi-file upload system, and changes to how newly created mod appear on list-, there's some ongoing problem in the site's backend that we try to solve at the moment.

Currently, there's some 2 issues right now:

  1. New mod will now properly appear on the new & updated submission mod.
    Old mod being updated and doesnt appear on the top list, is still an issue, and is being worked on

    Updating old mod with new version/file would sometimes push the mod into the bottom of the list, instead of the top of it

    List here could mean the main page slider, author submitted mod list or the mod category list.
    Alternative solution to this is changing the visibility of your mod in order to push the mod to the top (once).

  2. Mod that have big filesize (more than 30-40 MB presumably), may have problems being downloaded.
    If you have mod or updating mod that have filesize more than mentioned above, its best if you provide an alternative link to download it for now (such as google drive, dropbox, etc)

We're working hard to resolve the issue, and we'll inform you when this issue is no longer a problem.

Mod Workshop Team
plz fix
(10-29-2017, 01:22 AM)Nepgearsy Wrote: plz fix

[Image: angry-face_1f620.png][Image: pistol_1f52b.png]
Many mod have been pushed to top of the list where it before got pushed down.

Newly created mod will get pushed to top of the list
While updating old mod will get it's own slider in (very soon) upcoming update
So long as this issue gets fixed I'll be fine, the whole "updating your project no longer brings you to the forefront of the page" is kinda annoying. I honestly have no idea where the vast majority of the user base comes from (be it from the front page or from Steam) but I'm sure it's cutting into the number pretty deeply, but I could be wrong.
We have pushed an update that will make sure mod with big filesize won't get network error issue anymore when it's being downloaded.
Thanks to the update and the new hoster capability, you should notice that the download performance and speed will have significant improvement.
Go wild at that mod size!

We're still handling how we would deal with old mod being updated that doesnt get pushed to the top
Glad to hear it.
Well you guys did something because it's working again, good job.

It appears all the issue have been fixed for now

Old mod being updated will now properly pushed to top

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