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[Request]Hud mod tutorial

this is my first thread here.

Could someone explain to me, how i can start to make my own HUD? I dont know where to start. Only thing that i know is that i need LUA.

ive searched in google, most of the results were hacks or cheats.

Which Programms do i need?
What should i know about LUA?

thank you
Most hud mods are texture replacements. You don't need lua.
(06-02-2015, 09:07 PM)=T$E= Galvanized Wrote: Most hud mods are texture replacements. You don't need lua.

thank you, im aware of this.
I would like to know how to code a hud.
Look at the code for PD:TH Hud or Restoration Mod and understand how it is done through those and then you can do it yourself. Sorry I can't be of more help, I've got exams :S
Well you need first decompiled lua files : http://www.bytebucket.org/gir489/payday-.../downloads
the ones inside the game files are compiled so you can only use this.
Now how to code you can try some gmod tutorials to understand the basics of lua search for them.
thank you all for your answers,

@Luffy: Thanks, i will start there.

@LASTBULLET_GREAT BIG BUSHY BEARD: I wish you much luck with your exams and thanks.

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