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Project Hotline Hud 2.0
Hello do any of you remember the hud by the name of Hotline Hud? So the Author of the mod has completly dropped the Hud Idea and actually gave me permission to use the old hud to update it and/or modify it howerver I want. But since I don't have much experience with hud modifying and I was wondering if theres anyone who actually wants to help me update the hud to support the latest patch?
Update: I think I got enough people helping out and 90% of the stuff I wanted to get in. This mod is almost finished.
here is the list of what I don't have yet:
  • More words using the fonts it came with.
  • More of a pixelated look to the HUD
  • Hotline Miami 2 styled ammo counter
  • Animated Pixel heart health counter
I've also noticed the Hud mod is taking a LOT of space and like 2/3rds of the files aren't even being used at all.
Here's something:
[Image: 2015-06-27_00001_zpsnpblieza.png]
Hey it turned out quite nice. Can you post a verison thats pixelated even more. I am curious how it would look like.
(06-28-2015, 12:34 AM)♥Tatsuto♥ Wrote: Hey it turned out quite nice. Can you post a verison thats pixelated even more. I am curious how it would look like.

Here you go:
[Image: screenshot_Sun_Jun_28_05.59.31_zpsn6dkhj0d.png]
Trying to pixelate it even more than that makes it unintelligible.
No joke, i was thinking of a Hotline Hud this morning

Just say this - "I hear your a crocodile that knows how to get things" ;)

And! if you can get some mad LUA scripter to do the HLM2 XCombo on the screen as a pop-up :)

This is what im on about
(06-27-2015, 04:43 PM)toastBurner [TB] Wrote: Here's something:
[Image: 2015-06-27_00001_zpsnpblieza.png]

Im going to add it as soon as I can figure out why chains, houston's, dallas, Jonh wick, and wolf suddenly lost the icon when I try to add Old hoxton's icon in.
The combo counter idea sounds really awesome. It would be even better if there was a score keeper at the upper right but that seems a little bit difficult to make. It would still be really awesome. Looking forward to see what you do with the mod! :D
Upper left ;) we dont need heist hints, we are 50 blessings and we ma---a-ar--arch into the future

[Image: 1B8287D29D589B977BEF716D2FA23A185D7888CA]
[Image: 1ABA76EDB8442D086A622CEADBD34124325A72ED]

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