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Introduce yourself!

This is where you, yes YOU, can introduce yourself and tell us all about yourself.
Since I opened the thread it seems like I go first.

I live in Romania, however I am originally from Germany.
I am one of the guys that keep this Website running, the others are some of my best friends :)
That's it about me.

So, who are you?
Greetings Guys!

I'm Peter (23) based in Edinburgh, Scotland. My online persona is PKR and I am a gamer of CSGO mainly.

I have a web programmer by trade (PHP) and have been developing websites / technical infrastructure for around 5 years.

I founded a company called PKR Hosting (https://pkrhosting.co.uk) in 2012 which specializes in hosting services such as Gameservers (CSGO, Minecraft etc.), Voiceservers (TeamSpeak / Mumble) and Web hosting / VPS services. PKR Hosting has been involved with many large projects such as this website lastbullet / pd2stats :P and other large projects, namely Sparkles Productions on Youtube. The goal of the company is to offer Reliable and scalable hosting solutions to individuals and companies that wish to grow their projects / business online.

My personal plans for the future are to grow my business and get more involves with interesting projects online such as this one, I have seen this go from concept to successful over the last year or so and it has been great to be a part of and looking forward to more projects to come from the founder Tatsuto in the future ;)

Okay, here it goes.

I'm Snake. Mostly. Sometimes Yandere, sometimes Tsunere, sometimes fuckmesomeanyotherkindof Snake.
I am 20, living the "dream" in Poland
I am doing stuff here from time to time, sometimes just talking with people and solving their problems in a way.
I quit my job yesterday, so I'm unemployed with loads of free time and no money. And I'm going to university this year, Information Technology all the way.
Your everyday anime nut, having two body pillows and loads of mangas + external HDD filled with anime and ekhm...stuff. Yes, stuff. I can link you something if you're...uhh...desperate. Looking for a good chat. And maybe a bt of understanding. And some modders who would realise my sick modding ideas.

Over and out.
Hey there ladies and gents!

I'm DJ, more commonly know as Vespilord. I'm currently living in Illinois in the US.

I'm a freelance digital artist and wannabe voice actor. I do very stupid mods on this site as well as design T-Shirts at: http://www.redbubble.com/people/obviousvirus

My dream is to one day work alongside OVERKILL and design new and exciting things.

I'm currently part of a secret modding team making something new to pitch to OVK.

Happy modding!
I'm asire, a ex-chat moderator.
You can call me Christian, if you want
I'm also 14
i make mods and i like games
\\r\\n[hotline]sans peau.[/hotline]\\r\\n
Guess I'll contribute.

Name's Leon (19) and I work with random textures ever since I was little.
Photoshop is one of my biggest hobbies and I love playing around with it to have fun or just to calm me down.
Game modding has been a big thing of mine since I was 12 and edited textures in the original Fable in MSPaint and some model swapping too.
I moved to tile mapping for Pokemon GBA roms freelance when I was 13-15ish and to this day can do a great job at it.
I picked up skinning for TF2 form 16-18 and never really had time for it since my life went all downhill as soon as I entered teenage years.
I picked up Payday 2 back when Smooth Talker was the meta and I enjoyed the game but I wasn't the best at it per say so I set it down until after Hoxton's Revenge.
I picked up Payday 2 texture modding around the Alessio update because a friend said to me "You know photoshop, you should make some silly skins" so that's what I did, I made some silly skins for friends and for myself, Most notably is my Daddy Dragan and '^' Dozer skins.
Recently started messing with HUD elements in Photoshop and doing a personal interface modification that if it gets to the point I might release it.
Currently enlisted in the United States Navy and waiting for basic training.
I'm rather laid back and love to hang out in the shoutbox with all the other cool cats that are there.
I like some anime and games but mostly enjoy playing Payday with friends and just chilling.
I'm not that interesting or even cool, I'm just rather nice to people or just jokingly a dick to some people.

Whatever else to put here can be asked.
Hello people of LBG. I am that guy, more often known as Tonis. I am 14 (real soon 15) years old and live in the wonderful country Estonia.

I usually play games and sometimes I make mods that are pure Quality ContentTM. I also make real "good" jokes, that a lot of people don't seem to like. Oh, and I stalk Martini and RESTORATION/VERITAS.

My first mod, that I made was at the beggining of 2015, which was a sound replacement mod, that I made with a Reddit user, who requested. I got into modding around the mid summer of 2015, so when I released MSPaint HUD and turned into a real big thing with even Ilija noticing it.

I have some real big mood swings(I just call them mental breakdowns) and real big problems with my memory.

I really don't know, what I'm gonna do with my future yet. First step is just getting through the last year of middle school and then go to highschool.
I'm just another guy on the internet, who happens to make mods.
I'm a donor cause why not.

I'm totally insane and I know like two admins here.

I do minimal work on a few popular mods and spend all my time on 4chan.

Hello LBG, I am Trevor, also known mainly as Trav.

I used to be a peasant who played Call of Duty on Xbox, but I have since moved to PC and have loved it ever since.

I used to play CSGO, bought a ton of skins and bet on games, and then cashed out.
I used to play TF2, bought a ton of stranges and unusuals, and then cashed out.

Currently though, I mainly play GTAV and Payday 2, cause I love the criminal and heist games so I can be one without actually having to go to prison :3

I love modding, and only recently gotten into it. I find Photoshopping and Texture editing the most fun, and I love learning from those who have modded more than I do to learn from their expertise. Isn't really have any notably famous mods that are SUPER popular, but I do have quite a few mods that have gotten more than a decent amount of downloads. I'm hoping to gain more reputation in the community for modding, and I plan to continue making mods. Also, I am currently the only person to put up a Team Fortress 2 mod on this site xD

Thanks for reading, hopefully you did say TD;LR, but thanks.
Happy Heisting, Trav
Howdy, i'm AJValentine. quick FAQ on that
Yes, my real surname is Valentine (leave your jokes at the door)
No, i will not marry you so you can have my name (occurs more often than you'd think)

I'm 25, live in the beautiful, sunny United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Only really begun modding when myself and Zero started modding PAYDAY 2. Since then, we started LB and try to do what we can for the community.

I am a trained chef, i know kind of what i'm doing when it comes to computers, but there are far more advanced people i know.
Oh, and i recently joined the Pixelmon dev team for Minecraft, something noteworthy i figure?

I think that's all about me, but if you have questions, i'm an open book. (albeit, an open book with many pages torn).

I've been AJ, you stay beautiful

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