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Daily Mod Showcase #19
Hey fellow Last Bulletians, Leon here with another Daily Mod Showcase.

If play Payday 2 everyday as I know some of you do, I know that the game gets a little monotonous and mundane playing the same heists and looking at the same maps. Fret no more, Heisters! A Heister from Crime.NET Akihabra , Rise , Gives us a daily look into their heisting lives and a chance to come to visit the mystical land of the animes, mangas and waifus.

Introducing the Persona Heist Pack!
This pack comes with reskins and sound replacements of existing heists to help make you feel like you are in a proper Japanese setting.
Start off in the small times with Junes Heist & Central Shopping District Heist, Robbing a Japanese mall and shopping district.
Then head over to the luxurious Club Escapade to steal money and coke, Don't forget to enjoy the nightlife!
Rise isn't proving this fun for free but for help of us to break out her friend Adachi from prison and help him get his revenge on his captors.
And for all the help, Rise will treat you to a concert staring her majestic singing voice and tons of cash to grab for all of us.
Rise has also promised us more things to do in this section of Japan but that all comes in due time.

Thanks Rise for this great offer!

Get the mod here!: https://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?...&did=13104
Check out Rise's other mods here: https://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?...ns&uid=426

Today's Question: Reskining heists are rather hard to do and takes a good theme. What would you want to see in new heists or even reskined ones?

Stay Frosty,
Good job Rise. :wolf:
Also known as No thank you, persona suxxxxx!! pack
Ah yes, The personamaskswhen pack
[Image: eb44937e27.jpg]
(09-18-2015, 08:47 PM)Actually Uni Wrote: Ah yes, The personamaskswhen pack

when i got my pc.

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