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How to add automatic fire mode to a weapon without crashing?
I've modified weaponstweakdata to allow auto fire on Matever
self.mateba.FIRE_MODE = "auto"
self.mateba.CAN_TOGGLE_FIREMODE = true

I can switch between fire rates but when I fire my Matever in auto fire mode it crashes the game (doesn't do that when I switch to single fire and use it in that mode). Crash log doesn't seem to update since September...
Are there any other files I have to check to allow auto fire on the Matever without crashing?
some guns simply cant hold a full auto fire mode for example the john wich pistol they insta crash if u try to put them on full auto
same goes for the saws if u try to put them on semi they will crash ur game too
Crash log do update..

Idk whats wrong with your end
But crashlog.txt should log ALL the crash that have happened since the file have been made.
Scroll way way down to find the latest crash log.
Ok nvm the crashlog is updating, my mistake. I scrolled down previously but I must've not scrolled down all the way.
It says access violation or something like that. I guess no auto-revolver :. Too bad, it could've been kinda cr@ppy because there was one in Watch_Dogs (1) and it was pretty bad but it was funny xd.

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