A bit about myself
Greetings to everyone who reads this!

Since I havent introduced myself yet, I was told that i should do so ;)

Im a new Community Moderator at this site and in the Steam Group and I will gladly fulfill the tasks that come with it

Im 18 y/o, male and I come from Austria. I studied programming for 3 years but I broke up with school after that. Got some knowledge in C#, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Currently im working as an electrician.

If you ever feel like adding me, feel free to do so. I like to talk to people and have friends to play with.

How I got into the group you may ask?

Well, I was chosen as a winner of a giveaway and so I met Tatsuto and he said he could need some help with the group, so I offered mine.

And yeah, here I am writing this text. 

I guess thats about it. If you have further questions just add me on Steam, Im online most of the time.


Welcome aboard!

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