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[Downloads] June 4, 2017
Download Section
  • Thumbnails in the latest box and page are now focused on the image center.
  • Various fixes for administrative actions regarding the download section.
  • When attempting to access a suspended mod a specific error will appear instead of an generic error.
  • When attempting to access a invite only mod without being invited a error showing the mod name and submitter will be shown instead of an generic error.
  • The text in the generic error has been adjusted to better reflect its current meaning.
  • Download names are now being filtered for badwords if enabled (yes it is enabled).
  • When submitting a new download the public status is selected by default (can still be changed of course).
  • When attempting to report an already suspended mod a specific error message is shown instead of a generic error.
  • Twice encoded html special characters won't appear anymore (no & &bsnp; anymore)
  • Usernames will not be cached at mod upload anymore. They will always reflect the current username.
  • When viewing your own mysubmissions page it will now longer show "by YourUsername" anymore.
  • Resolved overlaps at browse category when very long usernames or long version names (or both) are present.
  • File download names no longer contain plaintext encoded html entities.
  • Download names will now replaced disallowed characters with "-" instead of "_".
  • Several possible injection methods were made impossible to execute.
  • Resolved a sytax error in the browse category pages
  • Resolved the problem with category grids not properly aligning.
  • Multipage navigation buttons were added to the top of several pages (for example: browse category pages)
  • Escape proofed several previously unprotected texts.
  • Some text strings were changed to be clearer and more consistent.
  • The terminology "approve/disapprove submission" was changed to "accept/reject submission"
  • Automatic pms are sent if one of your submissions has been approved or disapproved.
  • Latest Submission box now uses different layout and slider.
  • Latest Submission page now uses different layout.
If you find any bugs, exploits or other issues then please inform me.

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