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Mod Showcase #117
[Image: logo_w.png]

Mod Showcase ~ #117

Hello everyone,
I'll try to get the Mod Showcase concept back into MWS, on an almost weekly basis. If you have any suggestions for the future, just let me know.
We'll start with the mods by categories (script, custom weapon, ect.) then at the end, briefly posting what's new going on PAYDAY 2, at this time, desync beta. So let's get going with the mods!

Make Technician Great Again![float=right][Image: preview_553_1497356456_63464b5c472c1b349...dc54a4.jpg][/float]
A mod created by TdlQ

If you ever wanted to do like Wolf in the hoxton breakout trailer, this is definitely the mod for you since it allows the player to place drill on their faceplate! You should definitely test this one out, just for the fun with friends.

BLT                    Requires BLT
BeardLib            Doesn't requires BeardLib
Dependencies    None
Updates             Self-Updating


AN-92[float=right][Image: preview_1543_1497400749_ed92a33719ff9cc3...1ff4a8.jpg][/float]
A custom weapon created by Groceries

I am completely with Alcat101 and his comment. Finally a good AK that I'd like to use. It also support the 2-burst firemode, like a real AN-94, as well as, even if it's only cosmetic at the moment, it has his own bayonet. Supports a lot of other mods too. 

BLT                    Requires BLT
BeardLib            Requires BeardLib
Dependencies    None
Updates             Self-Updating


PD:TH HUD Reborn! Unofficial Update[float=right][Image: preview_457_1494192883_a0fcc29f658dd852f...8814c0.png][/float]
A mod created by d¡ve_boмber

If you are a user of PDTH:HUD you might have noticed that Simon doesn't update his HUD anymore officialy. If you want a up-to-date version, you definitely should grab this mod! It has been recently updated for the last update 148.

BLT                    Requires BLT
BeardLib            PDTH:HUD requires BeardLib
Dependencies    Requires PDTH:HUD and PDTH:HUD Assets
Updates             No auto-updates


That's all for this week! Now let's talk a bit about PAYDAY 2.

Update 148
As a thank you we recently got a gold dallas mask for the 5 millions members of the game's official group, as well as a few bugfixes.

Desync Beta 1.1
About the desync beta, some of the glitchy animations has been fixed. This desync update is worth the try, and it works great at least for me. One of the dead part of the game (hello public stealth) is now finally doable without the trouble we had before, even with an average of 100ms ping between you and the host. The new animations looks cool as well.

Stream marathon
More recently, they asked the community to join them into their stream to carry them on the Overkill difficulty or above. If you're interested, you can check the announcement over there : http://steamcommunity.com/games/218620/a...0164347360

Music related DLCs are now free
They also stated that the OST, B-Sides and Christmas songs DLCs are now free for everyone that owns the game.

And I'm done here. Have a nice week!

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