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BLT and LuaJIT
Hello everyone,

The update 153 brought LuaJIT into the game, meaning the previous versions of BLT aren't working anymore.

You can get the new updated BLT on the official website here: https://paydaymods.com/download/
As always, extract to your PAYDAY 2 folder and replace all the files if needed, including the DLL hook.

For modders, you can get the code dump here for now on: https://bitbucket.org/TdlQ/payday-2-luajit/overview

Note that at this point, I have no ideas what's currently broken and not broken, I will edit this post with additional informations when I get them.
Nice, we already have luajit dump.

Just matter of perfecting the dump tool so the dump is all correct
My game Isn't starting, help?
Me too. Just dont run
Both of you remove all your mods, excepted BeardLib if you use custom content such as weapons and masks.
Then verify your game cache.
This might help you on figuring out which mod that CTD Payday 2 on start-up:
I just created my first(not shit) mod during the update, I thought I broke my entire game when there was no LUA mods option. Thank you for updating so quickly!
(09-01-2017, 01:17 AM)⎛⎝TotalLegitREMIX⎠⎞ Wrote: I thought I broke my entire game when there was no LUA mods option.

Is there supposed to be no mods options? I'm confused because it seems like nothing in my mods folder is working and I thought blt wasn't working
BLT 2.0 changes how Mod Options works, so lots of BLT mod that havent been updated and uses Mod Options function will not show it's option menu, and possibly quite a bit broken..
I figured out that my problem was I never actually installed BLT 2.0 which after installing makes my game not start. Not a CTD, just doesn't start, steam thinks it's running but it never shows up. Removing IPHLPAPI let's the game boot up, a lot of other people are having this problem too so I'm assuming there will be a few posts on how to fix this soon enough.

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