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cheat melee mod
uh hi
i want to explain why i updated the mod to buff slower swinging melees and nerf faster melees

in the version 1.0.0 , the faster melees were op, they outclassed the katana (#1 in dps in vanilla) in dps since they all were 70 (450) dmg

katana (attack delay of 0.5) : 70/0.5= 140 dps
nova's shank (attack delay of 0.3) : 70/0.3 = 233.333 dps

this was obviously unbalanced so i changed the minimum damage to match the weapon's attack speed (to avoid nova's shank to be op)

i used formula (140 * attack delay) to try to balance things
(140 is the katana's dps, everyone knows its the best in dps in vanilla)

katana : 140 * 0.5 = 70 dmg (like in vanilla)
nova's shank : 140 * 0.3 = 42 dmg
chain whip (attack delay of **2 seconds**) : 140 * 2 = 280 dmg

the chain whip attacks VERY VERY VERY slowly (and has shit range compared to the katana) so it makes sense the formula gives a HUGE damage buff compared to something that can hit enemies 6 times (nova's shank) before the chain whip barely attacked anything

the chain whip with this mod doesnt outclass the katana in any way, its even worse considering other factors like equip time and repeat timeout, you dont even repeat attacks with the chain whip compared to the katana and you cant get the 10x dmg from melee perk decks using the chain whip (or other slow melees) but the katana still can

but if you want me to restore the old mod, ill do it

To be clear first version of your mod was questionable too however majority of us (including myself) was sort of okay with it, altho it seems like we missed the dps which i agree sounds overpowered now. However after this recent update like i wrote in reason of your suspension most melee weapon's base damage went up by insane amounts, I think you can't massively buff everything just cause one item is being used the most/the best. While i do agree that some melee weapons can be underwhelming buffing their damage by that much just looks cheaty especially since you didn't include any downsides just straight up heavy buffed each of them which falls under blatant cheats category which is why i suggested implementing limitations. If u believe that not being able to get that x10 damage is an issue then maybe u should change the perk deck instead?
do i need to apply for mod to be allowed to upload blatant che-, i mean "rebalances" ? it doesnt look like you are affected by this rule

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